6' x 30" banquet$8.50
8' x 30" banquet$8.50
4' x 24" banquet$8.50
5' child's$8.50
6' x 18" classroom$8.50
8' x 18" classroom$8.50
30" round$12
48" round$8.50
60" round$8.50
72" round$14.00
30" rd bistro pedestal$12

36" rd bistro pedestal

30" sq bistro pedestal$12
24" sq height adj$12
36" sq bistro pedestal$14
card table $8.50
child's card table$8.50
Serpentine table$14.00
Half circle table$14.00

Portable Bar$75.00
Wood & Tin Bar$100

White w/ metal leg$1.25
Black w/ metal leg$1.00
Brown w/ metal leg$0.95
White wood$3.25
Fruit wood$3.25
Child's white w/ metal leg$1..50
Child's white wood$3.25
Bar chair$8.00
Padded black banquet$3.75

90" rd$8.50
108" rd$10.50
120" rd$12.50
132" rd$15.50
60" x 120"$8.50
90" x 132"$15.50
90" x 156"$15.50
72" x 72"$7.50

Prices subject to change. updated 12/16/19

$100 down payment ( or half of tent)  to book your order. Final balance due 3 weeks prior to delivery/will call date. A major credit card will be required on file in lieu of a cash damage deposit. Please read all guidelines and see cancellation policy.

Affordable PARTY RENTALStable rentals, chair rentals, linen rentals, tent rentals‚Äč

Serving you with Affordable Event Rentals. We have a minimum rental of $35 for a will call order ( you picking up at our warehouse). For us to deliver we do have a minimum in rentals plus an additional delivery fee. The minimum will vary per seasons. Event and Wedding rentals such as tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, staging, tents, rod and drape, plus trade shows.

Vintage Door
Vintage door w stand$
Whiskey Barrels$
PA System$
Stanchions w retractable ropes$
velvet ropes$
Red Carpet 4' x 25'$

Frame Tents

staked on grass
10' x 10'$
10' x 20'$
10' x 30'$
20' x 20'$
20' x 30'$

currently larger$
tents not available$


Tent Walls

white wall 20'

white  w/window 20'$
clear wall 20'$

Par Can For Tent$
Colored up/light LED$
LED String 36' cord$
extension cords$

attach to tent pole fan$
Barrel Fan$

used indoor or under our commercial tent

3' x 4'  sections

wood grain 

$ sec

4' x 4' sections$ section

8' tall$ per foot
12' tall$ per foot


158 qt cooler$20

Galv tub w stand

Galv tub no stand$5
Trash cans$10-$12