We hope you find this information helpful. We know that renting tables, chairs, linens,  dance floor, staging and tents can be a new challenge. We are here to help you with your special event rental needs. 

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When should I place my order?
Two to four weeks in advance is recommend. We can usually accommodate you if you do not have this much time. However for April, May, June, September and October events, the sooner you book the better. We recommend by the end of March for these months (October by July). We are busy during that time and will book up.

What is required to place my order?
For most orders it is a $100 down payment or half the tent amount at the time of booking. The final balance is due ten days prior to the event. We automatically run the card given on file at payment time. 

Is a deposit required?
We do not require a damage deposit. We do need a valid credit card on file. 

What kind of payment is accepted?
We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and checks.  Checks are only accepted if it is two weeks prior to you delivery date.

What is the cancellation policy?
$100 down payment is non-refundable. Half of the tent amount is also non-refundable. If cancellation occurs within ten days of your event the total rental in non-refundable

When should I finalize my order?
You can add or remove items within 10 days of your event as long as we have availability. You can no longer remove items for a refund within 10 days or your event.

Do I have to wash the linens for return?
The linens do not have to be washed. They do need to folded up free of food, decorations and trash. If linen is wet it is best to let it dry before folding to avoid mildew on the linen. Do not use any type of plastic bag to put soiled linens in. This does cause the linens to mold. The hangers will need to be returned as well. 

Why would I have to pay a replacement fee for a linen?
Most foods and beverages will not permanently stain a linen. Rips, burn holes, paint, glue, markers, any item that leaves a permanent stain or mark will incur a replacement fee. Wax drippings or wax spills leave a oil stain once the wax is removed.  The oil cannot be cleaned and will show back up after washing. Candle wax will cause a replacement fee. Confetti and glitter returned in linens will cause for an additional fee. Please shake your linens out. 

Will you special order my linen color?
Some colors and sizes we are able to order.

Do you set up?
At the time of ordering please let us know your needs. In most cases we can set up tables and chairs at an additional fee. Otherwise items are delivered stacked at the nearest entrance and will need to be returned at that location after use.

Do you decorate or plan events?
Affordable Party Rentals is here for your equipment rental needs. We leave the decorating and planning to you, the florist, and or the event planner.  

Can I pick up my items?
Some items can be picked up. Our pick up time is Friday 9:00 am till 1:00 PM with return on Monday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

When do you deliver?
For weekend events we deliver on Friday with pick up on Monday. We can give you an estimated three hour window for delivery the day before your delivery date. 

What if my items cannot be left at the event site?
We do offer after hour’s pickup and delivery at an additional fee.

What if you come to deliver and no one is there to receive it?
If we are making a delivery or pick up and we cannot get in or get someone there within fifteen minutes we will move on to the next stop. There is additional fees for return trips because no one was there.

What is your unloading policy?
Our unloading/loading access must be within 50’ of the truck. 
When unloading at residents we put items in the garage or under a covered patio or porch. 
At facilities we will put items inside the door of the room you are using as long as it is within fifty feet of the truck. If there is an upper level we can place items there for an additional fee if there is an elevator. Elevator usage must be approved at time of placing your order. We do not carry items up or down any stairs.

I’m having an outdoor event. Will the items be Ok outside?
Items are ok outside during the time of your event. Items will need to be under cover before and after your event. Especially over night or during times of rain.

What is your rain policy when having an outdoor event?
In the unfortunate event that rain begins during or before your event, tables and chairs will need to be brought in to avoid weather damage resulting in replacement fees to you. If items are delivered and your event is rained out there is no refund. If you have to cancel before delivery because of rain our standard policy under cancellations applies. Tables and chairs that are wet and/or muddy will require cleaning and that fee is passed on to the customer. 

A final note about outdoor events.
We do strive to arrive at the appointed time on set ups for outdoor events. In the event the weather requires us to make a return trip or arrive at a different time other than on the contract, you may incur an additional fee. If items are delivered and not set up because of the weather there is no refund on set up because the staff has already been hired for that day. With outdoor events we often have to work with the weather conditions that are unexpected. In some cases if we are asked to do extra labor because of inclement weather you will be charged accordingly. I always suggest to have a plan B for rain. You hope, plan, and pray for beautiful weather for you outside event, but have a backup plan and the day will still be beautiful even if the weather isn’t 

What if I have an emergency with my rental during your closed hours?
If you experience an emergency with you rental equipment please call the office right away. We provide an after hours number for our on call person. If any part of your order is wrong or damaged please call the office right away. We can fix or replace items before your event.  If we do not find out until after your event we’ll have to assume the damage or missing items happened during your rental.